Pantry Raid


Quick.  Whaddya make with that leftover shrimp tempura, a can of baked beans, dehydrated mushrooms, olives, and maple syrup?  

What are some of the creative and satisfying dishes you’ve thrown together with a limited larder and expiration dates looming. 

How’d you do it?   

Desperate cooks everywhere want to know.  

Ask for ideas here.  Suggest potential recipes based on ingredients in the pantry and fridge.

4 thoughts on “Pantry Raid

  1. The 3 recipes that will use up almost anything that isn’t sweet: pizza, fried rice, and soup. Okay, #4 is an omelette. My favorite secret, though, is — you put in the contents of your itchen, and it tells you what you can make. Awesome!

    • I like your approach to leftovers. Four incarnations cover the bases well.

      I have used, too. The whole idea that a computer can configure your ingredients on hand and present a recipe is cool. I did it once, but was mildly enthused by the suggested outcome. Time to revisit it.

      I hope here at OTK’s Pantry Raid we can be experimental and cook with wild abandon using the strange foodstuffs we might have on hand. Can we out-cook a computer generated recipe?

  2. Any fan of the Food Network show “Chopped” will have observed professional chefs put together often-peculiar but surprisingly impressive and tasty dishes using an odd combination of ingredients. While many of the results were memorable, just as many were deemed nearly inedible by the show’s panel of judges. Nevertheless, viewers may have picked up a few tips on the art of “using what you got” along with the “beat the clock” atmosphere of competition.

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