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OTK LogoAbout OTK

“Welcome to outtathekitchen.com,  a magazine blog designed to encourage reflection on the meaning of a most ancient and basic endeavor- cooking. To cook not only brings people to the table but also makes them part  of an activity essential to the human race.”


leonardo-da-vinci-self-portrait-detailAdventures in Food History

Come along for  a visit to the culinary past and consider whether you could whip up a meal with  foodstuffs  from another time and place.”


Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 9.11.29 AM

Food News

“Get the latest updates on hot culinary trends,  food science news, dietary research, and other  food-related activities.”


disaster1Kitchen Forkups

‘Welcome to the confessional where you can share tales of  entertaining kitchen disasters.”



socrates Kitchen Philosopher

“OTK’s resident Socrates invites deep thoughts about the food-focused life.”




Kitchen Tech and Techniques

“Get a review of the latest culinary gadgets, kitchen technology, and cooking techniques.”



 On the Road with OTK

“Hit the road with OTK on our latest food safari.”



 Pantry Raid

“Quick.  Whaddya make with that leftover shrimp tempura, a can of baked beans, dehydrated mushrooms, olives, and maple syrup?”


2024447 Picks and Pans: Good Books for Cooks

“Cookbooks are not dinosaurs, let’s help you find some more!”





“On the hunt for that certain recipe?”



Your Kitchen Shrink

“Got the kitchen blues?  Does cooking or dining with family send you into a full blown panic attack?  Are you a culinary rebel?”

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