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February 27, 2013


Deglon Finger Guard Digiclass

If your knife skills are not quite up to par, you might just want to check out the newest gadget to aid the less-than-confident slicer and dicer.

Given that the best tools in the kitchen are attached to the ends of your arms, many cooks want to be sure that their hands and fingers are well-protected.

Deglon, famed upscale French knife makers since the 1920’s, has created a stainless steel finger shield worn as an adjustable finger ring.  Cooks simply attach the guard to their middle finger, place the bottom edge of the shield on top of the food to be sliced, position the knife against the gadget’s edge, and chop away.  The device holds the food in place, thus eliminating the chance for finger slippage or skittering scallions.

The finger guard is dishwasher-safe and is of a superb welded technology designed to be a long lasting and reliable kitchen tool.

Purists may consider using the finger guard cheating, but for many cooks, any device that is well-made, speeds the plow, and builds kitchen confidence is worth it.  The Deglon shield sells for $9.95 and is sure to keep fingers firmly attached.



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January 28, 2013




Billed as a new “party fork,” this wearable utensil ought to get the party started. You’ll avoid sticky fingers and dropped cutlery as you efficiently skewer shrimp or veggies for dipping.  No mess and no waste of plastic forks with this wolverine styled picker-upper.

Made of stainless steel and guaranteed to bring some fun to the party, this finger fork will  be a real hit at a buffett, picnic, or party. One size fits all as the Finger Fork is adjustable, and this  technology can be helpful to individuals with compromised hand and finger mobility.  But beware of double dipping.

With the product, you no longer need to fear embarrassing slipping while dipping or avoid shaking hands with greasy fingers from the finger food.  It should only be a matter of time before this piece of wearable silverware is joined by a “digital” spoon and knife.   –-MELorden


January 21, 2013


No knives were involved in the making of this kitchen gadget.  Made of dishwasher safe plastic, the set of square-shaped measuring spoons is great for hands free measuring. Just lay it flat and pour . 

The compact design lets spoons fit nicely into the jackknife sleeve for easy storage (and child safety).

To date, GamaGo has made only one model; there are none with scissors, toothpick, or corkscrew. And at $10.00 a pop, you might not want to be carrying a set of these when you go through airport security.        –MELorden



January 14, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 7.27.12 PM

Hammacher Schlemmer, the high end department store for people with money to burn and an extreme obsession with gadgetry, is now offering a talking measuring cup.  Its unbreakable plastic construction holds up to three cups of whatever you need to measure.

This sophisticated device reads and announces the amount of either wet or dry ingredients in the cup by discerning density and then reports the amount in cups, milliliters, or by weight.

Throw it in the microwave with confidence and into the dishwasher for easy clean up. This user-friendly item sports a flip-up lid and yes, as you probably guessed, requires two AAA batteries to operate.

While the talking cup may seem like a frivolous kitchen gadget for most cooks, it offers advantages to individuals with compromised vision or other disabilities.   What cook wouldn’t want a lovely, soothing female voice as accompaniment to odious measuring tasks?  And if your chatty GPS device is lonely and looking for companionship, why not pick up one of these chatty gadgets for a mere $59.99?  Batteries not included.           –MELorden

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