NYC Restaurant Reviews


Today you can check out the first of OTK’s four restaurant reviews from Outtathekitchen’s recent visit to New York City.  

Find out if OTK recommends eating at these spots in the Big Apple– or not.  

Go to On The Road with OTK and click to read today’s review on Trattoria Dell’Arte

YGEH_LogoDev_June07b_FINAL1Trattoria Dell’Arte                                                                                            

900 7th Ave  New York, NY 10106

Pasha Turkish Restaurant   

70 W 71st St  (between W Central Park & Columbus Ave)        

Crispo  Restaurant

 240 W 14th Street    


71-49 Austin St 

(Forest Hills, Queens)

2 thoughts on “NYC Restaurant Reviews

  1. I too was recently perusing NYC. The best dining experience was at Les Halles Brasserie, where Anthony Bourdain used to cook. I love Bourdain and own the Les Halles cookbook, so I figured why not check it out. I expected the atmosphere to be kind of a tourist destination for Bourdain television fans, but this was not the case. His name wasn’t really anywhere to be found in the restaurant. We were seated right near the bar area which was extremely busy, but didn’t make for an unpleasant experience. I ended up ordering the “chef’s cut” for the day, which was filet mignon off the bone served with “truffle fries”. I also got a cup of french onion soup that about brought me to my knees. The beef was by far the best I’ve ever had. My mother had the same thing and she agreed. It was also served on a cool wooden cutting board instead of a regular plate. Definitely one of the better restaurants I’ve been to. I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t already next time you’re in the city.

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