Move Over Edward Scissorhands

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Billed as a new “party fork,” this wearable utensil ought to get the party started. You’ll avoid sticky fingers and dropped cutlery as you efficiently skewer shrimp or veggies for dipping.  No mess and no waste of plastic forks with this wolverine styled picker-upper.

Made of stainless steel and guaranteed to bring some fun to the party, this finger fork will  be a real hit at a buffett, picnic, or party. One size fits all as the Finger Fork is adjustable, and this  technology can be helpful to individuals with compromised hand and finger mobility.  But beware of double dipping.

With the product, you no longer need to fear embarrassing slipping while dipping or avoid shaking hands with greasy fingers from the finger food.  It should only be a matter of time before this piece of wearable silverware is joined by a “digital” spoon and knife.   –-MELorden

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