Hottest Superfoods!

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Can you guess what the nutrition experts of 2013 say are the best sources of healthy eating?  

You may be surprised, or relieved, if any of these items are already part of your eating plan.  

Which of these foodstuffs do you currently have in your pantry?  

BLACK GARLIC  (A delicate and fermented version that doesn’t have that “afterglow” of the original white.  Black garlic is a powerhouse of antioxidants and tummy friendly pro-biotics.  Best in sauces or roasted for a paste-like bread spread.)


CHIA SEEDS  (Will these put hair on your head?  Nah. They are super seeds and contain more Omega-3 than do flax seeds.  As excellent protein sources they can be eaten whole or used to thicken sauces or puddings. Hmmmm. Chocolate shake with chia seeds, please.)


FARRO (Long a staple of the Roman soldiers, this fiber-rich grain, is far higher in protein than wheat.  Think of it as a great addition to soups or in a hearty salad.)

FERMENTED FOODS ( Pickled products fight blood clots, are full of anti-inflammatory nutrition and good bacteria.  Kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, et al are loaded with enzymes to aid digestion.  Pile on the pickles.)


FRUIT ENZYMES FROM PAPAYA, GRAPEFRUIT, AND PINEAPPLE  (These enzymes can help you digest all food more efficiently, make excellent nibbles, and provide quick energy.)

GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT  (A green coffee bean is an unroasted one.  It contains more antioxidant value than a roasted bean and weightloss claims abound. With a slightly sweet taste, these beans can be combined with fruits for drinks and shakes. Great for an energy pump.)


MEATLESS PROTEIN (Best are those derived from legumes like lentils and chickpeas, brown rice, peas, hemp, and peanuts.  Soy?  Not so much– unless in fermented forms.)

NORDIC FOODS(Scandanavian nations enjoy diets rich in omega-3 thanks to a focus on fish like salmon and herring  Don’t forget those lingonberries, which like blueberries are full of antioxidants.  Plenty of fermented foods such as pickled beets and onions and their love of dill and other herbs could all contribute to lower rates of heart disease.)

New Nordic Cuisine - Pickled Norwegian Salmon with horseradish cream1

PERUVIAN FOODS (Seafood dishes like civiches and the use of hot chile peppers and ginger add zing and create meals high in lean proteins and packed with flavor.)

The observers of health trends included a few standard, expected  items: It’s no surprise that TEA is listed.  The health-conscious have been singing the praises of green teas, spicy teas, and grain-focused teas for a while now, but they are now appearing front and center on restaurant menus.  Also,  the old staple OATMEAL, in gourmet versions with condiments like fresh herbs, roasted vegetables, or cheeses like goat and ricotta– even with poached eggs– are pumping up the volume beyond the classic Quaker Oats breakfast option. DEHYDRATED SEAWEED has been a staple of Asian diets and Japanese snack food. Lots of chip-like crunch, salty and nutty flavor disguise the Vitamins (A and B), potassium and antioxidants contained in these low calorie treats.

If you don’t have these uber-healthy foods in your larder, give them a try.  They are all kind to your metabolism, digestion, and waistline.  You can be both hip and healthy at the same time. –MELorden

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