Coming Attractions in the new issue of OTK for Monday 1/21:


OTK presents a 1950’s food focus in its second issue.

Take a step back into the mid-century, “modern” kitchen

for an Adventure in Food History!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 8.57.20 AM

Featured Articles

“The Mother of All Mixers:  The Sunbeam Mixmaster”

“Cooking  from Comic Books:  In the Kitchen with Disney Classics”

“On the Road with OTK”  presents a special tour of  the newly refurbished King Arthur Flour

 flagship bakery store, café, and education center.

Enjoy our regular columns featuring

wacky new kitchen gadgets, cookbook reviews, and the sage wisdom of our OTK’s own Kitchen Shrink.

2 thoughts on “Coming Attractions in the new issue of OTK for Monday 1/21:

  1. Love the mixer story! My mom must’ve had one, too, as it looks suspiciously familiar. I could’ve used it over the weekend while trying to whip up a batch of chocolate mousse for dessert. My mixer – a lowly hand-held model – consists of one beater that only stays on if I hold it in place. I tried my stick blender – nuthin’ doin’ – my food processor – even less – and my hand whisk. Nada. No matter what I tried, those egg whites refused to whip. It took me over an hour and practically every appliance in the house to complete this fairly simple recipe. I, too, dream of a KitchenAid mixer, but given my counter space – roughly the size of a baking sheet – I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

    • I like your determination, Nancy!
      For those of you out there contemplating whipping up a mousse, here are a few secrets for beating egg whites:
      –clean and grease free utensils (food processor will never work)
      — room temp eggs, older eggs beat faster than fresh eggs (counter-intuitive)
      –completely yolk free whites (a challenge sometimes)
      –a copper bowl is best (yeah- like I have few French numbers just hanging over my stove?)
      — or glass is next to best, then stainless steel.

      Tricky little buggers, those egg whites. Don’t give up. Chocolate mousse is a must!

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