Talking Measuring Cup



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Hammacher Schlemmer, the high end department store for people with money to burn and an extreme obsession with gadgetry, is now offering a talking measuring cup.  Its unbreakable plastic construction holds up to three cups of whatever you need to measure.

This sophisticated device reads and announces the amount of either wet or dry ingredients in the cup by discerning density and then reports the amount in cups, milliliters, or by weight.

Throw it in the microwave with confidence and into the dishwasher for easy clean up. This user-friendly item sports a flip-up lid and yes, as you probably guessed, requires two AAA batteries to operate.

While the talking cup may seem like a frivolous kitchen gadget for most cooks, it offers advantages to individuals with compromised vision or other disabilities.   What cook wouldn’t want a lovely, soothing female voice as accompaniment to odious measuring tasks?  And if your chatty GPS device is lonely and looking for companionship, why not pick up one of these chatty gadgets for a mere $59.99?  Batteries not included.           


2 thoughts on “Talking Measuring Cup

  1. People with Low Vision do not buy talking items for fun. We have a serious problem The measuring cup is a good start in the kitchen for me. Please keep this in mind when putting more info on line.

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