The Kitchen is Open

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Food and its preparation are essential, and so is the cook.

An appreciation of food and cooking is ingrained in our genes as well as our stomachs.

It is basic to our existence, so let’s get busy.

BEST OTK Kit's Kitchen IMAGE

Kit’s kitchen range.

Welcome to,  a weekly magazine blog designed to encourage reflection on the meaning of a most ancient and basic endeavor- cooking. To cook not only brings people to the table but also makes them part  of an activity essential to the human race.   Once you step into the kitchen, you’ll be surprised about what comes outtathekitchen.

Here at OTK  you’ll catch the latest news from the culinary world, experiment with recipes from another era and from today,  share your cooking fun and foibles, get support, and discuss important food-related issues. You can test your culinary knowledge, expand your cooking horizons and skills, and be part of a community of creative and curious cooks like yourself.

Most of all, you can enjoy a good giggle about your own adventures with food as you accompany OTK both in the kitchen and on the road when we get outtathekitchen for some wild food safaris.

Enjoy the weekly featured columns.  And please contribute your voice.  You can leave a comment by clicking the brown postage stamp (Leave A Comment) on the top right of each post. You can also write directly to OTK (see the top menu for Contacts). Glad to have you on board as part of the OTK  community.  Whattaya cooking in your kitchen?              –Martha E. Lorden

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